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Re: Making SysV boot scripts reboot faster

Thomas Hood quotes rcconf(8):

   Rcconf checks 'defaults' links in /etc/rc?.d/ directories for choice as
   unset, whether the package has the start file with the same number in
   /etc/rc?.d/(?:=2345) directories (rc?.d/S??name), and stop file with
   the same number in /etc/rc?.d/(?:=2345) directories(rc?.d/K??name). And
   Rcconf also checks in /etc/init.d/ directory for choice as set.

And writes:
> Everyone got that?

Incomprehensible, isn't it?  What it actually does is puts up a Dialog
interface that makes it easy to disable and re-enable services without
needing to understand about symlinks.  It needs work (esp. on the
documentation) but I think it has possibilities.  I think it could be
expanded to a runlevel editor that would make things like configuring a
RedHat-like setup easy enough for new users to do it.  Too bad the
maintainer is evidently MIA.
John Hasler
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, Wisconsin

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