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Re: Removal of libtool1.4

Anthony Towns wrote:
> You've got freeradius counted twice; and sodipodi's also been fixed
> afaics. So the nine packages are:
>     cyrus-sasl cyrus-sasl2 ecasound freeradius gnome-velocity libgtop
>     rpm wsoundserver xchat
> I'd suggest going through them first, filing patches, and NMUing, then
> removing libtool1.4 once the remaining few packages are fixed. If the
> maintainers aren't willing to accept such patches, they can either take
> over libtool1.4 maintainership, or accept their packages aren't able to
> be maintained within Debian.

So the deal with rpm is this:

  * Build-dep on libtool1.4 for now. libtool 1.5 does not like the way rpmio
    tries to link in a .lo files from ../beecrypt. A better fix will have to
    wait on the new upstream version of rpm. Closes: #208390

Unfortunatly, the new upstream version of rpm turned out to contain
non-free software, and this is still unresolved. I also forget if it
actually fixed the bug; if it did the fix could perhaps be backported.

(Before someone asks, the reason rpm includes its own copy of beecrypt is
that it uses internal functions from beecrypt.)

see shy jo

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