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Override changing package uploads


I have plans to upload packages which will trigger override changes.

The first one seems more easy because it converns only one package.
The upstream author changed the name of TextindexNG2 to TextindexNG
which I would like to reflect in a package name change from
   zope-textindexng2     to    zope-textindexng
I think it does not harm if I would delay to follow this name change
until sarge is released because this is not really important.

A more important change which would be nice to have in Sarge would
be the following:  I changed the build process for wordnet from
the prebuilded database to the real source (which not only reduces
disk space but removes questions whether the processed database is
a free source because it can't not really edited by hand).
Bob Hilliard, the maintainer of dict-wn, agreed with me that we
should build also dict-wn from this source and so I prepared a
(not yet finished) package which also builds dict-wn.  We now
have the problem that there exists a dict-wn package (2.0-[12])
in testing and unstable which is builded from the source package
dict-wn and there will be uploaded a package dict-wn (version 2.0g-3)
builded from a different source package (wordnet_2.0g).  How
to handle this conflict that there are two different binary
versions in unstable (even if the "right" onw has a higher
version number).  Should I invent a transitional name?

Kind regards


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