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Re: [multiarch] Proposal for *-dev packages

On Friday 16 January 2004 5:42 pm, Andy MacKay wrote:
> An alternative no one has mentioned is creating a "pure" AMD64 Debian
> arch and adding a suite of i386 cross-development packages to the
> distribution.  That would go some way towards solving the problem at
> hand without making all the Debian developers' lives more difficult, and
> give architectures besides AMD64 (IA64 is another notable one where it
> might be interesting) the ability to build i386 packages without having
> to resort to lots of library and compiler building and installation in
> /usr/local/i386-cross (or something similar, which is what I'll probably
> have to do if Debian doesn't offer a more convenient solution).

The toolchain-source and dpkg-cross packages already do exactly what you are 


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