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Re: A More Radical Multi-Arch Counter-Proposal


> Proposal:
>  A. Develop two architecture:
>     i386 : this is Debian/i386 as exist today
>     amd64: this a native port of Debian to Amd64 with 64 bit binaries.
>  B. On Amd64, people have the choice to install either i386 or amd64
>  C. People that need both install a i386 chroot on top of amd64 or a
>     amd64 chroot on top of i386.
> Optional:
>  D. Debian provides a front-end to debootstrap and debhelper to make
>  installation and integration of chroot easier.

E. Debian provides a patched ld.so for the amd64 platform that knows how
to chroot() and re-exec(), thus providing transparency. 

F. ???



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