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TLDP and Debian


I am member of The Linux Documentation Project (TLDP)
	< http://www.tldp.org >
and am working on in improving coverage of the document
collection. Since both projects value freedom and aims at
producing free systems, I hope we can find a common interest.

I have been busy installing Debian 3.0r1 the last few weeks
and noticed several tools had premade link lists such as
web links and RSS links.

TLDP was not listed many places I was looking.

Would it be possible to have links added to
- TLDP home page
- ... with language specific pages listed
- TLDP Weekly News
- RSS feed (for our weekly news)
- link to TLDP archives on disk (Debian has an archive)

This affects many packages, from web pages for web browsers and
ticker readers to premade web bookmarks and RSS lists. I simply
have no idea just how many packages there are and how I could
reach the maintainers efficiently. Rather than trying to file a
bug report for every package I am hoping that I can reach the
right people more efficiently here.

Considering maintenence releases such as r1 do not include
updates of documentation it seems important to get this done
before next Debian release and I don't know the time tables

Best regards,
   Stein Gjoen

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