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Re: [multiarch] Proposal for *-dev packages

* Goswin von Brederlow (brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de) wrote:
> Every time the maintainer of a library make a new version he should
> test that the library works for nativ and multiarch correctly if
> possible. If it just means running "linux32 debuild" and "debuild"
> thats a reasonable request. Thats what we want but not neccessarily
> need.

Honestly, I tend to disagree with this.  We could ask the same of all
maintainers to check on all archs they can but it gets to a point where
it's not entirely reasonable.  I expect those building on amd64 to
test/upload amd64.deb's and those building on i386 to test/upload
i386.deb's.  We have the buildds and we have unstable, things will get
tested on the other archs pretty quickly and developers will quickly
pick up on problem areas and where they need to be careful, just like we
do for other archs.  Probably better since amd64 will likely be more
popular than some of our other archs.

So, to put it simply, even if we made it easy for DDs with amd64's, I
wouldn't expect it to happen and I'm not sure we should try and force it


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