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Re: DEMOCRATICAL election of Codenames of Debian [Before "Re: And next name after Sarge? or PROPOSAL for Codenames' election"]

On Mon, Jan 12, 2004 at 11:07:03PM +0100, Raphael Goulais wrote:
> > You motivate that the newbee users (as me) only want be newbees, because 
> > always that they want to apport any idea, you critize (destructively) their 
> > ideas.
> Some newbies do have good ideas, and those are not obliterated :) Your
> idea does not seem to get any support. I begin to think you're the only
> one wanting this codename to be democratically chosen. You should begin
> to think the same and feel alone on this case :)

He's not the only one :)  Though I do realise that it would imply a lot
of work and time that could be use for more worthwile things (fixing
bugs, etc) which do improve the quality of Debian.

So I do think that it is a matter that is worth discussing, but now is
probably not the right time to start a huge flame (oops, there already
_is_ a huge flame :)) when most people are just oncentrating on making
the upcome release as good as possible.


 I will live forever or die trying. 

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