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Re: DEMOCRATICAL election of Codenames of Debian [Before "Re: And next name after Sarge? or PROPOSAL for Codenames' election"]

On Mon, 2004-01-12 at 22:01, Xan wrote:
> Why not?

Because debian developers don't seem to care about this :)

> 2) With democratic election, aj will have less work.

Democratic elections do implies work. It has to be set up, votes to be
done by each debian developer, someone to parse the result, someone to
post the results, peoples to take care of the security and fairness of
the process. Letting aj decide for this is NO work compared to this.

> 3) It suggests interest by all the debian newbees:
> 		1) It were fun by them

If someone should give interest to debian because he could choose the
name, he should stick on his saturday night tv show. This is by no means
a good argument against other distros. We should do better attracting
people by letting them decide on the colors of the DPL's pants.

> 		2) It were clear that Debian is a distro made by and for the people.

That's not the codename that makes debian, it's everything else.

> You motivate that the newbee users (as me) only want be newbees, because 
> always that they want to apport any idea, you critize (destructively) their 
> ideas.

Some newbies do have good ideas, and those are not obliterated :) Your
idea does not seem to get any support. I begin to think you're the only
one wanting this codename to be democratically chosen. You should begin
to think the same and feel alone on this case :)

Constructive ideas are not destructively criticized. The release process
take a lot of time to a lot of developers. This is really a great
effort. Please, let them work as they want, and do not add the burden of
elections for the codename to the mass of tasks a release implies.


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