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How long can a package be in NMUs before it deserves an additional/different real maintainer?

I'd like to know the answer to this question -- or rather what various DD's think of this in general.

For instance, if a package has been in NMU versions since 2001, with 6 NMUs... is that too long? How about if it's been in NMU versions since 1999, but has had only 4 NMUs? What if it's been in NMU versions since the beginning of recorded history (on packages.qa.debian.org) but has had only one NMU?

Does it make a difference how many RC bugs it has? How many important or normal bugs it has? What Standards-Version it's declaring? How many patched bugs it has? How many really old bugs it has?

Assume that the maintainer is still doing good Debian work, just not on this particular package. And assume that the package has at least one real, non-wishlist, reproducible, non-moreinfo, non-help, non-wontfix bug.

(Please don't try to figure out which packages I'm thinking of. Some of them are hypothetical.)

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