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准确预测恒生指数期货!Predict the futures of Hang Seng Index accurately!

股市是何物?股票市场是个大容器,象锅碗瓢盆,拿根棍子敲打它--它会发出声响对每个不同大小的器物它会发出不同频率的声响,这就是它的特征频率,找出它你即可准确预测未来! 建立一个好的预测体系是在期货市场赢利的良好前提,但科学的操作规则则是获胜的必要条件!期货的风险巨大,因而所谓的良好心态是永远不存在的。只有用操作规则限制一个人的随意性才是取胜之道! 恒生指数的涨跌预示着金钱的大量流动,如果有一种预测恒生指数转折点的方法被你掌握,则意味着你拥有了一台印钞机!目前我就有一台印钞机,可是没有印钞票的油墨,这全靠你的支持!恒生指数及道琼斯指数的预测极为简单,任何一位中学生经我培训三天后均可对恒生指数期货作出准确至极的预测,无出其右者!打个比方,沿着环行跑道竟跑的三个人,如果方向相同速度不同,显然这三个人一定会在某处会合,如果知道了他们各自的速度就可算出会合地!利用我发明的吴昌平理论对恒指及道指作出的预测,无论是准确性和成功率均居世界首位!具体表现在市场行情回头几百点的情况下误差小于35点,预测的成功率大于90\%!有兴趣,朋友们见个面,未来是光辉灿烂的!TEL:0599-6290568 13859480568 hsqwcp@163.comWhat t
 hing is the stock market? The stoc
k market is a big container , like the wooden dipper basin of one pot of bowls, take the root rod and beat it --It will send out sound will send out different sound of frequency to each different implements it of size, this is its characteristic frequency, you can predict future accurately to find out it! It is in the good prerequisite of profit in the forward market to set up a good prediction system, but the scientific operational policy is victorious essential terms! The futures are very risky, therefore the so-called good psychology will never exist. It is only the way to win with the random of limiting a person of the operational policy! The ups and downs of Hang Seng Index indicate that money is floating in a large amount, if a kind of prediction Hang Seng Index turning point method is mastered by you, mean that you have a money press! I have a money press at present, but has not printed the printing ink of the bank note , this depends on your support completely! The pr
 ediction of Hang Seng Index and Do
w Jones index is extremely simple, any middle school student makes the accurate prediction to the utmost point to Hang Seng Index futures after I am trained for three days, the unequalled one! For example, three people who ran unexpectedly along the belt runway, if the same speed of the direction was different, obvious three people these sure to join in some place, know their own speed can calculate and join place! Utilize Wu Changping prediction that theory is make to Hang Seng Index and Dow Jones index that I invent, occupy first place in the world regardless of accuracy and success rate ! The error is smaller than 35 o'clock behaving concretly in case of turning round for several numerous in market conditions, the success rate predicted is greater than 90 \%! Interested, the friends will arrange to meet, future is glorious and magnificent! TEL: 0599-6290568 0599-6290409 hsqwcp@163.com  

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