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Re: Upcoming Debian multiarch support (amd64, sparc64, s390x, mips64) [affects sarge slightly]

Bernd Eckenfels <lists@lina.inka.de> writes:

> On Sun, Jan 11, 2004 at 10:54:56PM +0000, Scott James Remnant wrote:
> >    library with the correct ABI.  Except unless you use bin64, these
> >    will not be dual-installable meaning that only one of the libraries
> >    will ever need to be installed at the same time as well.
> you can install bin1pkg:i386 and bin2pkg:amd64 - that way you still
> need both libc6 ABIs.
> Why not have bin/<arch>/ and have symlinks from bin/sh to
> bin/<arch>/sh for the default.

Possible but then who sets the link? Misuse the alternatives mechanism
or something similar?

The plan so far was to only ever allow one abi for a binary package at
the same time so the need to split bin can be avoided. So far that
worked out fine.

> I am strongly against introducing new top-level directories, btw.

Note: SuSe and RH have /lib64 as has debian-amd64. Also all three have
just bin and sbin.


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