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Re: Bug#226417: ITP: kernel-patch-2.4-fasttraks150 -- PROMISE FastTrak S150 TX Series Linux Drivers (for Linux 2.4)

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Clinging to sanity, Raphael Bossek mumbled in his beard:

>> The worst that can happen is that a person without ideological motivation
>> tries Linux and then is disappointed because all the mailing lists will
>> tell them 'ah, you use the foo driver. Sorry, we can't help you there'.

> I think your example confirms the reality but forgets the truth.
> Everybody using proprietary hardware drivers have to contact the
> manufacture's support first. If someone contanct an OSS mailing list it's
> his last chance because the manufacture didn't. I don't understand why the
> open-source comunity is responsible for manufacture's "decissions"?

*You* understand the issue about proprietary drivers. I claim most new Linux
users won't. If Debian distributes a proprietary HW driver (nvidia,
promise, whatever), the people will come to the Debian mailing lists for
support, because that's how they obtained the driver (putting in
disclaimers won't change anything - people will not read them).

> Each person like me who take a decission to use a proprietary driver run
> in to risk losing support. But the same is valid for OSS too and is not a
> criteria why use or not propritary drivers. For me it is important to

It's not about to use or not to use proprietary drivers. It's about whether
Debian should or should not distribute them. If Debian doesn't distribute
them, then it should clear for anybody that Debian can't support what they
don't distribute. If Debian distributes them and then people just tell the
newbies 'well, tough luck, we don't support it', then those newbies will
add to the 'Debian is elitist' and 'U R mean to newbies' stories, because
they don't understand the real issue.

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