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Re: Upcoming Debian multiarch support (amd64, sparc64, s390x, mips64) [affects sarge slightly]

On Sun, Jan 11, 2004 at 08:16:24PM +0000, Scott James Remnant wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-01-11 at 19:54, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> > Scott James Remnant <scott@netsplit.com> writes:
> > > libc6 includes much more than just /lib/* though, what do you do with
> > > all the other files?  How are you going to handle the conflict between
> > > /usr/share/zoneinfo from libc6:i386 and the same from libc6:ia64?
> > 
> > Irelevant to the problem of renaming or not renaming debs. The common
> > files must be split out into a bianry-all package or some "silently
> > overwrite" rule must be devised.
> > 
> Why?  So you're stating that for your method to work you're going to
> need to fundamentally change many library packages?

Without taking a stance one way or the other: is there anything
basically wrong with fundamentally changing the way we work if doing so
allows us to tackle a problem in the best possible way?

> > > You can't make the assumption those files are identical, they could (for
> > > example) be affected by the different word size[0].  libc6:i386 might
> > > only be able to read the 32-bit /usr/share/zoneinfo, and libc6:amd64
> > > might only be able to read the 64-bit /usr/share/zoneinfo.
> > 
> > No they can't. /usr/share is shareable across all architectures. So
> > certainly its shareable between i386 and amd64. Anything else is a
> > violation of policy.
> > 
> Nice to see you deliberately ignored this footnote:
> > > [0] Whether this is true for these files or not is irrelevant, it's
> > >     going to be true for *something*.  I've just picked the first
> > >     example library and path that came to mind.
> It's so much easier to ignore the problem, isn't it? 

I think Godwin's point was that due to how our filesystem is
well-organized (i.e., architecture-independent stuff in one bunch of
directories and architecture-dependent stuff in another), it's fairly
easily possible to fix that issue, which basically makes it a non-issue.


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