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Re: Advice on how best to handle non-backwards compatibility

Scripsit "Michael K. Edwards" <mkedebian@sane.net>

> How about a backwards compatibility package, built from the
> lprngtool 1.1.1 source package, that contains the "runtime"
> portions, and some sort of Recommends / Suggests / Replaces magic so
> that dist-upgrade installs both the new lprngtool and the old
> runtime?  The Description of the old runtime could say, "If your
> /etc/printcap doesn't reference such-and-such script then it is safe
> to remove this package."

For this to work, the compatibility package needs to inherit the
"lprngtool" name, and the new package must get a new name
(lprngtoolng?). But it's either that, or artificially include the old
script in the new package, or risk things breaking.

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