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Re: wontfix and maintainer turnover

* Michael K. Edwards (mkedebian@sane.net) [040109 23:25]:
> See #165101 for an example of Branden's scenario: previous maintainer tagged 
> it upstream, wontfix.  When I adopted the package (libghttp), I figured I had 
> better look over the source code anyway, and fixed the bug.  This one happens 
> to be priority normal, but it's an example of how it's beneficial to a new 
> maintainer if the previous maintainers used wontfix instead of closing 
> unresolved bugs.

Well, nevertheless, "wontfix" _is_ a resolution of the bug, of course
not the same as "fixed".

> It would be nice to have a 
> corresponding "willfix" tag (i. e., in the maintainer's judgment this is a 
> good idea and implementing it should be given priority).


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