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Re: Uw mail naar wouter.verhelst@advalvas.be/Your message to wouter.verhelst@advalvas.be

Op wo 07-01-2004, om 18:49 schreef Wouter Verhelst:
> (Dit is een automatische mail.
> This is an automatic email. English version below.)

Uh, yuck. Many apologies to all; I didn't realize I was still subscribed
to -devel-announce using that address. Fixed now, won't happen again
(and I'll check all my subscriptions while I'm at it).

Wouter Verhelst
Debian GNU/Linux -- http://www.debian.org
Nederlandstalige Linux-documentatie -- http://nl.linux.org
Most people have two reasons for doing anything -- a good reason, and
the real reason

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