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Re: Debian Debconf Translation proposal ( again )

Colin Watson writes:

> I don't think this would be better. Ultimately, we have to get the
> things to users, and our tried-and-tested means for doing so is
> through .debs (not one .deb per little bit of text, one .deb per
> *package*). The text in question is used when the .deb is being
> configured, and therefore needs to be available at the right time;
> if you propose any decoupling then you must consider dependencies,
> and that turns into a nightmare very quickly. Let's keep it simple.

I don't think you have correctly understood the proposed system.
There would be one additional .deb per language, containing *all*
translated debconf templates.  A user would install one or more when
selecting installed languages in the install process, and they would
remain available.  There is no problem at all with dependencies, and
no abundance of new .debs.

By the way, I urge you to also consider the general string freeze
before a release as an important part of the proposal.


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