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Re: python again (was: Bug#225999: ITP: debsync -- installed packages synchronization tool)

On Mon, 2004-01-05 at 16:26, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Le lun 05/01/2004 à 18:39, John Goerzen a écrit :
> > I am of the opinion that versioned dependencies are used far too often
> > on Debian, and that they are also forced upon us too often by packages
> > that install into directories for specific Python versions.
> > 
> > For instance, on my system, I have
> > /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/debconf.py.  This is a pure Python
> > module and it has no business being in /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages.
> > It should be in /usr/lib/site-python, so that it will be visible to any
> > version of Python.  If it requires feature specific to Python 2.3, it
> > could Depend on python (>= 2.3) and leave it at that.  This would
> > greatly simplify the problem.
> Indeed, modules in /usr/lib/site-python should be made to use the
> default python version. This should be possible by rebuilding the
> .py[co] files that are not in /usr/lib/python2.X in the python package,
> instead of the python2.X package.

There should also be a way to register other directories
(/usr/lib/packagename, /usr/share/packagename) to be rebuilt when Python
upgrades. Or, a way to tell Python not to compile things in the first
place (ever, not just at package install time).
Joe Wreschnig <piman@debian.org>

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