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Re: python again

Marc Haber wrote:
> Butter bei die Fische: How do I build a policy conformant pythonX.Y
> that allows to run a recent Mailman on woody _without_ having to build
> all other pythonX.Y packages, and _without_ having to recompile
> reportbug, python-apt, dput and apt-listchanges.
The python packages work well for me, so I don't have any complaints and
I value the work of the Debian package maintainers.
I'd do quite a few things different and that might eliminate some of
your problems, but I'm neither going to maintain the python packages nor
is someone going to let me. (IIRC, there was some activity to improve
the current situation.)
That said, the difficulties you seem to have do not indicate a problem
with python in itself but rather with the packaging.
Your example dput (to pick the one which I claim to be comaintaining in
some mails to the bts) will run smoothly on any 2.x version. The
versioned dependency is only used to ensure the compatibility of the
generated py[co] files.

Kind regards


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