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Re: Bug#226417: ITP: kernel-patch-2.4-fasttraks150 -- PROMISE FastTrak S150 TX Series Linux Drivers (for Linux 2.4)

* Raphael Bossek (raphael.bossek@gmx.de) wrote:
> > I thought I had seen at one point on Kernel Traffic or something that
> > there were fully GPLed drivers out there for this chipset.  
> Here the link to KT #164, I think, you are talking about:
> http://kt.zork.net/kernel-traffic/kt20020429_164_print.html#3
> This packge I ITP provides the hardware RAID support, the closed source
> part of the PDC203xx chipset. All people using a hardware RAID depends
> on this patch, like me. If someone know a functional source for a OSS
> driver please reply to this.

Actually the article I saw was this one:
http://kt.zork.net/kernel-traffic/kt20030805_226.html#3. But it
appears just to indicate support for IDE, not RAID. My bad. 

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