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installing Sarge with F5D6050

Hi All,

I'm having a devil of a time installing Sarge on a machine that has a
CDROM drive and a Belkin USB Wireless NIC.

I could download all seven CDs, but what would be nice is if the
drivers for my NIC where installed in binary form on the d-i install
CD.  Is there a reason these are not shipped as a binary .deb package
in Sarge?

To folks with access to a Sarge machine:  if you could put the kernel
module .o files up on the web it would really help me to get Sarge
installed, because then I could do network installation.  The module I
need is called "usbvnetr.o" and it comes from the
atmelwlandriver-sources packages.  I need that module and whatever else
it depends on.


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