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Re: World Domination Plan - phase debtakeover

On Tue, Jan 06, 2004 at 07:15:52PM +0100, Roland Bauerschmidt wrote:

> Based on the files installed, it should also be possible to suggest
> which Debian packages to install (in most cases, at least). For example,
> if /usr/bin/lynx was previously installed, your script could search the
> Contents-arch file and suggest the lynx Debian package to be installed.
> I think that'd be really neat (as an option).

It boils down to the more general problem of crossing a "find /" (or
find {/bin,/sbin,/usr}) with Contents-arch and outputting a list of
guessed packages.  Such a tool could be used also in some
disaster-recovery scenario (and by debtakeover once a dump of the
original file list is saved somewhere).

I have no time to write it until march, though :(



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