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Re: Fixing the lm-sensors/i2c mess

On Mon, Jan 05, 2004 at 02:32:27PM -0500, David Z Maze wrote:
> Maybe the best actual solution is to repackage lm-sensors 2.6.5,
> patched to work around the constants-in-newlines problem; then we
> could straightforwardly go back to having prebuilt kernel modules, and
> while we'd have to rebuild dependent packages against libsensors1, at
> least the world won't end the way it does now.

Speaking as someone who uses lm-sensors, and not as a d-d, how about 2.7.0
instead of 2.6.5?  i2c 2.7.0 and lm-sensors 2.7.0 are the last to apply
semi-sanely to a relatively mainline 2.4.x kernel.

lm-sensors 2.7.0 doesn't build with gcc 3.x, of course.  Since I use gcc
2.95 for all kernel-related things, it's not been an issue for *me*, but
you don't want to have to do that in Sarge.

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