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Re: Fixing the lm-sensors/i2c mess

On Mon, Jan 05, 2004 at 02:32:27PM -0500, David Z Maze wrote:
> I've thought of packaging the upstream's i2c-2.8 kernel patch, but it
> does seem like a pain and I wouldn't have a good opportunity to test
> it.  (As it is, I'm somewhat lacking opportunities to test lm-sensors
> stuff, and I'd still be interested in foisting off the whole mess on
> someone who does understand what they're getting into.)

If you need somebody to test lmsensors related packages, I am a
volunteer. I have sensors on my mainboard, and also an I2C ELV interface
with some sensors (DS1621, PCF8591, PCF8583, PCF8574, EEPROMS, ...)

I also would like to help as I have some experiences with i2c/lm-sensors
(I have written some lm-sensors drivers), however I haven't any time to 
do that by now. Sorry.


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