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Re: Documentation-based solution for lm-sensors mess, pass one

On Wed, Dec 31, 2003 at 01:42:58PM -0500, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> (For instance, is there going to be a compatible i2c modules in the 2.4 
> kernel tree for 2.4.24?... it didn't *look* like it, but if so, a lot of 
> this needs to be made even more complicated, and I'll be happy to do so.)

-ENONATIVESPEAKER :)  Sorry, but what do you mean with the above
paragraph?  If there will be support for 'new' (aka incomatible to
everything else) modules in 2.4.24?

> Next, README.Debian needs to be rewritten:
> README.Debian for lm-sensors
> ----------------------------
> lm-semsors requires kernel support to access sensor devices.  There are
> two parts to these modules: generic drivers to access devices on the i2c
> bus, and drivers to support specific sensor devices.
> Both sets of modules are distributed with the mainline Linux kernel for
> 2.6 kernels.

Actually not all are ported yet, but I'm not sure whether that will be
true once a stable users reads README.Debian..

> For 2.4 kernels, it's more complicated.  The i2c modules for lm-sensors
> must be built from the separate i2c-source package.  You can no longer
> use the i2c support present in the kernel tree from kernels 2.4.9
> through 2.4.23.  Those modules are INCOMPATIBLE with current lm-sensors.
> Unfortunately, a number of drivers in the 2.4 kernel depend on the 
> kernel versions of the i2c modules.  If you are using any of those 
> drivers, you CANNOT use lm-sensors:
>   (insert driver list here)

And a number out of tree drivers so,
    (insert drivers list here)
    (insert package list at Conflicts above)

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