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Re: Request for NMUs.

On Wed, Dec 31, 2003 at 11:06:13AM +0000, Mark Howard wrote:

> Other interesting stats about rc bugs from the bts (particularly
> interesting considering what I wrote in that last email on this thread):

> non-archived Patched RC bugs:

> Outstanding -  128
> Pending 12
> Fixed in NMU - 321
> Fixed by maintainer - 97 (this will include some orphaned packages with
> maintainer set as qa)

> This looks very bad - over 3/4 of RC bugs with patches have maintainers
> who are either too busy to apply a patch, MIA, or something else. 
> It would be interesting to see how long bugs have the patched tag before
> they are fixed on average

I don't agree that this looks bad, taken by itself.  I think that having
multiple developers involved in a package's life cycle is a GOOD thing,
and having people willing to NMU packages is better than not having
people willing to NMU, and having these bugs remain unfixed instead.  Of
course we want packages with truly MIA maintainers to find their way
into the hands of active maintainers, but there are plenty of valid
reasons for an NMU and no reason that a maintainer should need to upload
and confirm the NMU if there are no other bugs needing fixing.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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