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Re: Re: MIA, Incompetent and holiday-loving maintainers (was: Request for NMUs.)

Nathanael Nerode said:
>> Nathanael Nerode said:
>>> Another unfortunately common maintainer 'attitude problem' is the bug
>>> accumulation problem.  That is "I'll fix this trivial-to-fix bug when
>>> I
>>>  fix the other  XXX bugs, and it's not worth uploading until I do."
> Matt Palmer wrote:
>> I do this, I think for conservation of version numbers, bandwidth, and
>> archive resources.   There's also the issue of propagating *something*
>> to
> > testing every now and then.  <g>
> Yeah, actually this is quite reasonable behavior with 'minor' and
> 'normal' bugs, and even sometimes reasonable with 'important' bugs.  If
>  I'd specified "trivial-to-fix RELEASE CRITICAL bugs", would my point
> make more sense?  :-)

Oh, if it's RC, you get an update out of the door ASAP, no questions
asked.  If it can wait, it's not RC and should be downgraded.
- Matt

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