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Should a package own /etc/printcap?


I've recently taken over maintenance of the lprngtool package, and I'm
trying to fix up some of it's longstanding bugs as well as sort out a new
upstream release.

Once of it's foibles is it doesn't cope terribly well with the non-existence
of /etc/printcap. So, I was going to create an empty one in the postinstall
script if it didn't exist. Then I wondered whether I should mark it as a
conffile, then I wondered what other packages did.

It seems that only the lpr-ppd package actually ships an /etc/printcap at
the moment, but I presume that at least lpr and lprng require an
/etc/printcap to function properly. So at present, this is left to the user
to create, and I presume would remain after these packages were purged.

Should /etc/printcap be one of those files like /etc/passwd that isn't owned
by a package, or should I have it marked as a conffile in future releases of
lprngtool (or is that going to cause a clash with other packages?) Should I
just stick with creating it if it doesn't exist?



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