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Re: Bug#183860: Many texi files under GFDL use texinfo.tex under GPL


> The FSF assert that dynamic linking is subject to the same licensing as
> static linking, but I have never felt that this is a tenable position. 

"Dynamic linking" as in writing a relocation table and adding a note
taat the executable is to be linked against a library at runtime is
certainly not covered by the license, since the executable does not
incorporate anything copyrightable and thus does not form a derived

"Dynamic linking" in the "getting linked at runtime by the dynamic
linker" is a different matter. Here it is the same thing happening that
would be happening at the final linker stage when linking statically,
namely forming a big address space containing both the library and the
executable code and adjusting adresses to point inside the other module.
The image now in memory forms a derivative work, thus the executable
must be under the GPL or linking the executable (i.e. running it)
violates the library's license.

I.e. we would be permitted to ship binaries under an incompatible
license that link with GPLed libraries, but noone would be allowed to
run them, which kind of defeats the point of distributing them.


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