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Re: Bug#225456: ITP: skdetect -- program to detect the suckit rootkit

Le Mardi 30 Décembre 2003 08:53, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña a écrit :

> How is this better than chkrootkit? Shouldn't it be better integrated
> there?  Having small programs with a very limited functionality when
> there is one that people know of that _should_ cover its corner case is
> not good for our users IMHO.

I can only supply anecdotal evidence here, but skdetect has found two
root-kits that chkrootkit didn't.  I agree that it is too small and
simply focused for it's own package, probably, but have never had the
time to merge it with chkrootkit's sk test.  Good luck with it, Benoit.

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