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A maze of twisty little python packages, all different


the odyssee started when I decided that I need a more recent Mailman.
As Mailman has been written in python and the current Mailman
(backported to woody) fails with an obscure error message when used
with the python from woody, I reckoned that I would need to backport
python as well. After a few wasted attempts, I finally learned that
one does not need to bother only one python version because the
different python versions are interwoven in a way that requires
backport of _all_ python packages currently in unstable.

A few hours of compile time later, the python packages were compiled
and installable. Mailman installs and runs. But, however, the packages
that _use_ python deinstall because they all have versioned
dependencies on random pythonX.Y, python (> Z.W) versions. Looks like
if one needs backports of a single python-using package, it is
necessary to backport not only _ALL_ versions of the python system
itself, but additionally almost all other python-using packages. This
nightmare is probably bound to repeat whenever one of these packages

I would like to know if I did something seriously wrong, or if python
really sucks _that_ badly. Any hints will be appreciated.


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