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Re: Linux 2.6.0

On Sat, Dec 27, 2003 at 08:32:01PM +0100, Michael Meskes wrote:
| On Sat, Dec 27, 2003 at 02:03:19PM +0100, Robert Millan wrote:
| > > They include the important (to me) patches that make it possible to
| > > run 2.6 on an Athlon/nForce2 without the random lockups every 3 to 5
| > > minutes.
| Do you mean the system seems to stand for a few seconds and afterwards
| works as usual? That is what I experience with my centrino pentium as
| well as my duron.

As someone who has experienced both issues, I don't think that that's
what the original poster was talking about.  On all kernels without that
patch - including 2.4.x - Nforce2-based systems with local APIC support
enabled lock up hard after running for a short time.  (In my experience
it was every few hours rather than every few minutes.)  I've worked
around this problem by disabling APIC support in the kernel; this seems
to work fine on both 2.4 and 2.6 kernels, without the need for that
patch.  I haven't tested the patch, but presumably it fixes the kernel's
APIC handling to work around whatever was causing it to hang otherwise.


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