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Bug#183860: On the GPL/GFDL conflict in texinfo.tex

Any file which builds with texinfo.tex missing or empty is OK as far as this license conflict goes. (The GFDL is still a non-free license, of course, and I'm sad that sarge will deliberately contain lots of non-free stuff, but that's another matter.)

I think this case actually includes all the .info and .html files; if I'm not mistaken, makeinfo ignores texinfo.tex completely, so makeinfo --info, makeinfo --html, makeinfo --xml, and makeinfo --docbook are all OK. I could be wrong of course. :-/

Sadly any .dvi, .pdf, or other file generated using TeX is an illegal license combination and is undistributable.

Safer just to remove all that non-free GFDL stuff.

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