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kernel-image not installed by default in woody

I recently found that one of my Debian machines, a clean woody
installation with a couple of additional packages installed, was
vulnerable to the ptrace() Linux exploit. Now this surprised me, not
least because as soon as I'd done the installation I'd supplied it with
a fairly standard sources.list file and let apt-get grab all the
security updates.

It turned out that no `kernel-image' package was installed by default,
so the 2.2.20 kernel that was put in place during the installation
process was never upgraded.

So, two questions: (i) is it generally the case that no kernel-image
package is installed by default, i.e. is this just something I messed
up, and (ii) is this a feature or a bug?

I discussed this briefly on #debian, and the one person who responded
seemed to think it was a feature. However, given the clean install +
upgrade scenario I've mentioned above, I'm not convinced....


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