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Re: security enhanced debian branch?

Steve Kemp said:

>   I'd be happy to - if they're documented anywhere.  I had a look
>  over Adamantix.org and didn't see anything obvious.  (Also I'm seeing
>  host not found for 'mail.adamantix.org' making the mailing lists
>  unavilable to me).
>   So far I've rebuilt some packages, bash, screen, etc.  Right now
>  I've kicked off a build of xfree86 which I expect to take many hours :(

Look at the backports made by redhat to the xfree86 package to run on
fedora-core 1. They included a new buffer ovverrun kernel, and had to make
some changes to get xfree86 to work correctly.

--Luke CS Sysadmin, Montana State University-Bozeman

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