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Suggestions for NMU targets

Packages with these sorts of bugs:

* binaries accessing 'errno' or 'errno_h' directly.
This is easy to fix; just make them #include <errno.h> in the appropriate file. If it builds, you've fixed it.

* Build-Dependency breakage.
There's an awful lot of RC bugs due to this. If you can just add or change a build dependency and get it to build, it's generally worth it. (Do check with the maintainer that he isn't *deliberately* keeping the package out of testing with the RC bug, since this apparently happens sometimes.)

* configure generated from broken libtool.m4 (for mips). This is a simple rebuild-type issue.

* 'latex2html moved to non-free' bugs -- where latex2html isn't even used. This is just a dependency removal and a rebuild.

* Extra "conflicts" needed, such as in #190611.  Again, trivial.

For some reason a surprising number of maintainers don't seem to want to deal promptly with trivial-to-fix, but serious, bugs like these. This is one reason why 'testing' is in such bad shape.

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