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Set up build environment.

I recently ported a testing package to stable.
Did not have to make any changes to the package, just rebuilt it on a
stable system.
Here are the directions for setting up a stable build environment.
Should be helpful to any who is starting off on setting up build

In the example I rebuild a testing perl program on a stable system, so I
can install it on a stable system with perl 5.6.1 instead of 5.8.x.

Please let me know if you find any gotcha's.
I really appreciate any feedback.
I want to help new developers get started.

1.20. setup debian for build root build mimedefang 2.38 example *
debootstrap --verbose woody /root/woody-chroot http://repository/debian
cp /etc/apt/sources.list /root/mimedefang-chroot/etc/apt/

mount -t proc /proc /root/woody-chroot/proc
chroot /root/woody-chroot

vi /etc/apt/sources.list, to include sources for stable only
and a source for deb-src stable.
need a testing deb-src for mimedefang.

apt-get install  build-essential devscripts lintian debhelper dh-make

#normal vi annoys me

apt-get install vim
cd /usr/src/;
mkdir mimedefang;
cd mimedefang;
apt-get install
apt-get install libmilter-dev libunix-syslog-perl clamav
apt-get source mimedefang
dpkg-source -x mimedefang_2.38-2.dsc
cd mimedefang-2.38
cd ..
#Now I have a deb package called

If you exit the chroot and install the package via
dpkg -i mimedefang
#it wiill complain about dependencies but load the dependencies into the
apt-get install mimedefang
#and it will download all of the dependencies.

#dependencies installed
#libdigest-sha1-perl libfreetype6 libio-stringy-perl libmailtools-perl
libmime-base64-perl libmime-perl libnet-perl
#libssl0.9.6 libtimedate-perl m4 sendmail tcl8.3 tk8.3 xfree86-common xlibs

NOTE Their are not testing repositories listed repository so this cannot
install any testing packages (Only testing src reposityr).

Now you have installed mimedefang on a stable system, you need to manually
add in the sendmail.mc change, and include support for the virus scanners
you want to use.
This works, I installed it and tested it.

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