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Re: Proposed change to debian release system

Scott Minns <sm302@soton.ac.uk> writes:


> Stable - released when the software is rock sold and very mature
> Current - This is software that has been in testing for six months and
>           experienced no critical bugs, floors or dependency
>           problems. A new version is released every six

This is nearly impossible. I don't know if other developers will agree
but IMHO, it's like having two `stable' releases!

> months - supported by a security team.  After 1 year the current
>          version becomes stable.

I don't think we have enough developers to follow security problems in
stable, current and months!

> Testing - Software in the queue to enter current – otherwise as it is
>           at present

Testing should be more stable and should have less RC bugs then it is at
the moment. But this discussion has already take place here and on
debian-release. Maybe search the archive and you'll see some other

> Unstable - new software, no testing for those that like to live
>            dangerously - as it is at present

Also, you must be aware that there is `experimental' and this is the
pool to promote. This pool is intended for packages to `tests' and
packages in this pool does not go automatically in unstable. This is an
important point. The bad thing with this pool is that packages in main
are not autobuild on different arches (IMHO).

I think promote experimental with buildd would really be benefic to the

> My reason for suggesting this change is that I love using debian, but
> I’m currently having to evaluate other distros and OS's such as slack
> and FreeBSD to get the features, stability and security that we need.

Slackware?! Well, of course FreeBSD is great (even if I've never use
it), I can tell you the Debian community and distribution is really
great ;)... and surely the best choice ;)

> I will be interested to hear you feedback and thought on the matter.

I'm not a senior network administrator but I'm really pleased with
Debian (even with mixed pools!.. yes, not a good idea!).

Best regards,

  .''`. Arnaud Vandyck
 : :' : http://people.debian.org/~avdyk/
 `. `'  

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