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mounting tmpfs (and sysfs) defaultly in sarge?


Tmpfs in Linux kernel 2.4, is formally known as shmfs (posix shared
memory filesystem).  It's useful for memory-based filesystem like
Solaris tmpfs.  However, if we support new Posix IPC like shm_open(3),
shm_unlink(3), to make debian posix compliant (and like other
distros), it should be mounted on /dev/shm.  In the past there were
some discussed, ex:


So I propose:

  - /dev/MAKEDEV should have /dev/shm in "std" entry.
  - /etc/fstab should mount /dev/shm (tmpfs) in default.

BTW, the coming Linux kernel 2.6 will support sysfs, replacement for
procfs (/proc).  It's useful if we have /sys directory for kernel 2.6.
So I also think sysfsutils or base-files should create /sys and put
sysfs entry in /etc/fstab in the near feature.  It may be a bit early
to add, though.

Any comments?

-- gotom

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