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Re: Building Debian Completely From Source

On Fri, Dec 05, 2003 at 05:48:21PM -0800, Eric Wong wrote:
> apt-fu src-dist-upgrade

Excellent work!  *This* is what I have been searching for.  Plus, it
seems to actually work! :-)

I have one feature request: I'd like to have an option so that I can ask
it to rebuild arch-indep packages just like it rebuilds other packages.
In other words, a "never download any .deb, ever" option :-)

Oh, and a second feature request: how about uploading it to sid?  (If
you're not a Debian developer, I'd gladly sponsor the upload.  You
obviously know your way around the packaging system <g>)

> Though it takes some configuring.

I'd like to be able to set that one, too...  just do the upgrade for all
packages.  But that effect can be simulated now with dpkg

> apt-fu installs binary packages of build-depends first to avoid circular
> build-dependencies, and then builds and installs the build-depends from
> source if -R is specified.  It's a nasty problem but you can't have the
> chicken without the egg, nor the egg without the chicken.

Yeah, I have found some of those circular build-deps.  I believe they
should be considered serious bugs if they aren't already.  That's just
wrong.  But in my case, I'd rather deal with the breakage manually than
download the .deb.

-- John

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