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Re: [custom] Debian Enterprise - a Custom Debian Distribution

On Wed, Dec 03, 2003 at 10:07:14AM -0500, Fraser Campbell wrote:

> > I've just learnt of Cubit from South Africa: http://www.cubit.co.za/
> Is it free software?  They don't seem to provide a link to the full text of 
> their license, it sounds free according to their license summary but I also 
> see the statement "Cubit has only a very small yearly license fee and no 
> purchase cost".

You're right.  I had another look and it doesn't seem to be free
software.  I don't know them, so I don't know if they can be talked into
freeing it.

Well, there's always Gnu Enterprise, although it's not from Africa:

	apt-cache search gnu enterprise



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