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[custom] Debian Enterprise - a Custom Debian Distribution

Seems like now is a good time to start a new thread. Including [custom]
tag too...

On Mon, 2003-12-01 at 22:36, Alexander Kitzberger wrote: 
> Hello,
> we and a couple of other linux companies are also thinking this way,
> and we would like also to support a enterprise debian.
> We have the problem that debian has to compete to suse and red hat
> enperprise servers which are certified for oracle, etc.
> We like the idea in having also a enterprise debian to have a 
> alternative, because we like using debian more that other distributions.
> Please inform me if you have any other new regarding this project.

I have started a web site at


with various ideas. I shall cut and paste into email below for comment.

> I talked to joey a few weeks ago about an ideas that goes into the same 
> direction:
> This is a extract of my conversation with joey:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Hello Joey,
>  > we and some other linux companies are thinking about some
>  > things for a while. And now the aquisition of suse make this more actual.
>  >
>  > We and the other companies would like to start a new sub-project
>  > under the debian project that may be called "business debian"
>  > or "enterprise debian"
>  >
>  > The aim of this project is to make a homepage (subdomain or subsection
>  > od the debian homepage) to present case studies and reference projects
>  > that service companies like us realized.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------

To get the discussion under way, here are the ideas I have collated over
the last few weeks:

Current Ideas List

 - enterprise: company, business, organisation ?
 - for-profit | non-profit ?
 - target users: "enterprise" system administrators
 - clustering ?
 - ISPs ?
 - government bodies ?
 - free software only scope
 - security scope
 - hardware spec scope - do we support 386s?, 486s?
 - deployment scope, eg installations of
   - thin terminals
	- pc as - router, bridge
	- firewalls
	- workstations
	- servers - eg. DB, SAMBA, mail, http[s], ftp[s]
 - secure by default installation?

 - administrators who want to become proficient and knowledgable
 - administrators who are already proficient and knowledgable

 - what's optional, what's standard

 - meta/ task packages - Debian FLAVOURS (to be implemented,
   but proposed some time back)
 - website, support forum?, lists, irc, wiki
 - documentation
 - tutorials ?
 - base packages (all Debian "required", since we are debian sub, plus
   ssh, evms, kernel-linux-deb-ent, ???)
 - debconf package configurations (with "enterprise" defaults)
 - custom CD, live CD (debix/ knoppix installer discussions on -devel)
 - secure live CD?

 - one-page (where possible, absolute max of one page) install (apt-get)
   and config guides: the goal being to provide instant recipie/ solution
	for the busy (or just learning, or having to deliver RIGHT NOW)
	sys admin. !!
 - integration with LDP
 - write a manual (debian admin guide additional chapters) and have it
   printed and distributed in bookstores

 - GNU ERP software project ?name?
 - I think working with the RHE Fedora project might be important 1st step
 - red hat stuff - eg. open carpet (ala red carpet)?

 - base our initial kernels on the RHE kernels...


Debian Enterprise: A Custom Debian Distribution: http://debian-enterprise.org/
* Homepage: http://soulsound.net/     * PGP Key: http://soulsound.net/zen.asc
* Please respect the confidentiality of this email as sensibly warranted.

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