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Building a distribution from source?

  I wasn't going to post this, but it might be relevent to the
 ongoing custom distribution stuff that's happening.
  I've been experimenting with producing a hardened Debian derivitive
 as a small piece of paid work.  This mostly means compiling things with
 a stackguard compiler, using format guard, and enforcing policies, etc.

  (We know that stackguard isn't going to produce a completely 
 hardened environment; as all the return-into-libc type exploits will
 work.  Lets not discuss/flame about that.  Pretty please!)

  All of that part I'm happy with.  I have a modified glibc and compiler
 and am confident that I can recompile all the base packages and others that
 are necessary.  It's the process of installing after that after that I'm 
 a bit confused.

  If I wish to produce an installation CD-ROM identical to that used
 in woody, with my packages installed how do I do that?  Is there some
 tool that will allow me to create an ISO with my packages.

  I'm wondering if jigado, or using debootstrap from my apt repository
 should be the way to go?  Any pointers appreciated.

  The other approach which is simpler to manage but harder to install
 is to insist upon a stable installation, then have an apt repository
 with each package I've recompiled have a higher version number, or
 in a distribution of my own with a release file.  (eg like testing,
 but "steving" or similar.)

  The latter approach appears to be what Adamantix are doing.

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