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[CUSTOM] Re: UserLinux white paper

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On 2003-12-03 05:08, Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> To the extent that they are self-supporting, they become economically
> irrelevant to a commerical distribution or to a support provider of
> UserLinux.  The best that you will get out of these customers are bug
> reports, and maybe you can get some of them to become Debian
> Developers and work on Debian packages on company time.  So why don't
> they just use Debian instead?

A CDD _is_  Debian, the only difference is that the default setup is 
customized for a certain purpose/situation out-of-the-box.

Ideally all changes necessary to Debian to support that out-of-the-box 
situation are merged back into Debian ASAP, not merging back changes only 
increases the workload for the CDD, which thus has no incentive to keep 
changes to outside of debian if it is feasible to merge them back in.

- -> A CDD focusses on providing support for a certain target group/situation 
within Debian, as such we'll work within Debian as much as possible. We 
might have to experiment with things/ways of doing stuff not currently 
possible in Debian, but the intention is always to get things back into 
standard Debian, thus improving the whole distribution.
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Cheers, cobaco
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