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Re: [custom] Debian Enterprise - flavors

(re-titled to - flavors)

To give limits to Debian Enterprise/ User Linux we need to define some
areas of focus.

Flavours (and sub-flavours/ tasks/ yadda) is as good a place to start as
any. So here are some proposed flavours:

 - Enterprise (base packages and more "neutral" config)
 - Enterprise Desktop - with sub-flavours of:
    - Secretary Desktop
    - Presentation Client (OO Presenter, multimedia, flash)
    - Developer Desktop (all build-depends of all flavours, as a start)

 - Enterprise Fileserver
 - Enterprise Webserver
 - Enterprise Auth Server
 - Enterprise Departmental Server (combines File, Web + Auth)

 - Enterprise Firewall
 - Enterprise SCM Server
 - Enterprise Router

 - Enterprise Thin Client


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