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Re: Backport of the integer overflow in the brk system call

On Tue, Dec 02, 2003 at 05:19:22PM -0800, Tom wrote:
> I think the DD's should seriously think about requiring smartcards.  It 
> would have prevented the proxmiate cause of our recent troubles.

No, we have to deal with a large population of untrusted individuals. Even
if we can keep outsiders out of our systems (which sounds for me more and
more unlikely) then we still have to face intruders from inside. You know the
numbers tells you it will happen.

Even if it is painful to decide: more priveledges to DDs on a need-to-have base.

And: I am the last person who think it is fine to support a more powerful
elite, but I dont see a way around it. You still can earn an account for a
service, if you proof yourself worth. Thinking of web page translators,
ftp-masters or whatever.

If we are aware about that risk, and have established some midigation, we
can start to address the other risks, which are harder to tackle. 

Smart Cards for example will require a huge investment. And sadly it is not
one a sponsor can cover easyly. But using them will, for sure make the trust
in a developers signature stronger. It will not allow us to trust the developer

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