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Re: Bits from the RM

>>>>> "aj" == Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

    aj> or overloaded with work, or, for that matter, fixing compromised Debian
    aj> servers -- do you think it's desirable and possible to:

    aj> 	* for confirmed bugs with a known fix, upload a fixed package
    aj> 	  within a day or two of the patch been sent to the bug log

No, I don't think it is always desirable to do this and certainly my
maintinance style doesn't work well with this methodology.  The
problem is there is a fairly high fixed cost to building, testing and
doing release management for a package.  It takes me about an
afternoon to do a PAM or OpenAFS release even if I change one line.
OK, for a one line change I can probably get that down to two hours or

It's a lot easier for me if I batch bugs together and if I did not do
so, I'd be even more behind than I already am.

I certainly think that expediting package uploads for RC bugs is a
critical responsibility I as a maintainer have.

But even if someone else claims to have tested a bug, I'm going to be
the one signing the package; I'm taking responsibility.  So I must
spend the time necessary to understand the fix, confirm the fix and do
the release engineering cruft I do for every release.

Clearly this can be taken too far; pam is an excellent example of a
package where I've let things slip enough that I'm having difficulty
digging myself out of the hole.

But I think dealing with normal bugs with confirmed fixes in a month
or two is much more reasonable than a day or two.  I'd feel
differently if Debian was my primary job or if I found a style of
maintaining packages that worked well for me with this goal.

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