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Re: Debian Enterprise - a Custom Debian Distribution

On Mon, 01 Dec 2003 13:53:02 -0800
Bruce Perens <bruce@perens.com> wrote:
> >Are you still on good terms with some people at HP?
> >
> Yes. Has anyone discussed this with Bdale?

He hasn't participated in the thread yet.

> >I wouldn't mind getting paid well for the work
> >I do, but that's a rarity. (Why does money always need to get involved?)
> >  
> I admire those who don't have to consider money while fulfilling all 
> three of the above goals.

I meant more specifically, when corporate involvement is discussed :)
There's lots of other things companies can do without writing cheques.

> >What I'd really like to see is a company providing input, serving as a
> >central point for customer contact, and above all, actually
> >*supporting* the use of the end-product. ie: not being hostile to users
> >who run it, as is so often the case these days.
> >
> Yes, but let me add something. I think we will have failed if there is 
> only one company doing this. No lock-ins, no lack of choices, please. 
> That's one of the things wrong with RH/Fedora.
> And I think I have the structure to make this work. I'm writing now, 
> should have something for you later today.

Sorry, yeah. I should instead have said "*their* company", not any one
company. The company they buy their hardware and support from. In my
mind, HP and IBM are paramount, since they also happen to be the only
two major suppliers for the shop I work in :)

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