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Re: Debian Enterprise - a Custom Debian Distribution


Thanks. I can't get to your site at the moment.

I have just closed out some customer work that has been taking up 100% of my time, and am today writing a manifesto that I will post at userlinux.com . I will read the debian-devel postings and, hopefully, your site before I do that.

I am still negotiating with the large industry group that approached me about this project. When the price tag is north of $1M, it takes time. If that works out, they would fund 3-5 engineers full-time, plus myself and an admin to work on the aspects of this project that are important to their industry group. And only their industry group. Thus, there is room for participation of a number of vendors and/or industry groups, as well as direct participation by all of the various entities that would participate in Debian.

Note there is also a gnUserlinux.org, but RMS objects to that name - he feels that people will percieve it as an official FSF project if the GNU comes first. This came as something of a surprise.



Zenaan Harkness wrote:
This is a brief followup to my earlier queries regarding
debian-enterprise sub project - the new term being Custom Debian

Well, I am slowly building a website for debian-enterprise. This is
something I am personally somewhat passionate about and realised
eventually that I am therefore the person for the job.

Here is the website:


At the moment any related discussions are being held on debian-devel.



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